2019 Award Categories

  • Transport Operator
    of the Year

    Judges are looking for transport operators that are the complete package; those that have built exemplary reputations through their investments in staff, technology, training, infrastructures and their fleet to mould a business that inspires others and drives success.

  • Fleet
    of the Year

    Judges are looking for fleets of 10 or more vehicles that operationally are maintained and run with unwavering precision and that focus on their responsibilities for a greener future, whilst visually looking modern and engaging.

  • Haulier
    of the Year

    Judges are looking for LGV operators (fleets of five or more above 7.5 tonnes) that have achieved outstanding success in their standards of performance. This involves every facet of a company from its staff training programmes and infrastructures to its productivity, quality of fleet and levels of customer excellence.

  • Bus Operator
    of the Year

    The Bus Operator of the Year Award celebrates their outstanding work and judges are looking for bus operators that have achieved customer growth and satisfaction through the development of a bus network built upon innovation and excellence.

  • Livery
    of the Year

    Judges are particularly interested in liveries that achieve this tone with effective designs and messaging.

  • Transport Team
    of the Year

    Judges are looking for a team that demonstrate exceptional team work in being able to deliver a major project on time and to a budget or consistently over-achieving in their field of operation.

  • Driver
    of the Year

    Judges are looking for those who have shone even more brightly for the company they work for and raised the bar for other drivers to try and reach.

  • Apprentice
    of the Year

    Judges want to know why your apprentice is the best and why they deserve to win this award.

  • Low Carbon
    of the Year

    Judges are looking for companies that have made significant progress in reducing their carbon emissions either by improving the efficiency of their operations and/or by investing in new technologies or alternative fuels and drive trains.

  • Customer Care Award

    Welsh businesses know how to put their customers first and judges want to hear how yours has gone that extra mile to do so.

  • Excellence in Technology and Innovation Award

    Judges are looking for a project that used the latest technology (whether in vehicles, components, infrastructures or IT) to drive innovation in the way a company operates and that has delivered a solution to enhancing the way you engage your services or customers.

  • Local Transport Authority Award
    of the Year

    Judges are looking for Councils to demonstrate development and improvement across a variety of transport policy areas.

  • Services to the Transport Industry Award

    The judges are looking for candidates to show how they have consistently delivered innovative and client focused services to enhance their client offerings.